4000W imported high-power thyristor/electronic voltage regulator/dimming/speed adjustment temperature adjustment/with insurance housing

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Weight 0.087 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 3.8 cm
Product name

4000W AC voltage regulator

Maximum power

4000W (resistive load limit power), the power should be reduced for a long time


more than 90%

Working voltage

AC 220V

Regulating voltage

AC 10-220V


Product name: 4000W AC voltage regulator

Thyristor model: BTA41600B

Size: length 85*width 55*height 38mm, inner hole of knob 6mm.

Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power), the power should be reduced for a long time.

Efficiency: more than 90%

Working voltage: AC 220V

Regulating voltage: AC 10-220V


Note that the load must be connected before adjusting the voltage.


Thyristors are mainly used for resistive loads (electric heating filament incandescent lamps, etc.). Most single-phase AC motors are also available, but they are not guaranteed. For other types of loads, please confirm by the buyer. The fuse is not omnipotent and has a response time. If the current is too large, in addition to the fuse, the module may also be burned out.

Note that the plastic cover on the connector cannot be completely opened due to the installation of the shell. The screwdriver must be turned slightly. In addition, be careful when opening it. Excessive force may break the cover. The express transportation may also be crushed. It is a vulnerable part. It will not affect the use of the module. We are not responsible for the return or exchange of any plastic cover related problems.