SG92R 2.5KG Micro 9g Servo Nylon Carbon fiber Gears Replace SG90 For RC Model Aeromodelling Helicopter Parts

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Weight 0.011 kg
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.7 × 1.22 cm
Stall torque

2.5kg /cm(4.8v)

Gear type

Nylon with carbon fiber

Operating speed

0.1sec /60degree (4.8v)

Operating voltage


Temperature range

0c_ 55c

Dead band width


servo wire length

25 cm

Servo Plug

JR (Fits JR and so on)


Weight: 11g
Dimension: 23×12.2x27mm
Stall torque: 2.5kg /cm(4.8v)
Gear type: Nylon with carbon fiber
Operating speed: 0.1sec /60degree (4.8v)
Operating voltage: 4.8v
Temperature range: 0c_ 55c
Dead band width:1us
servo wire length: 25 cm
Servo Plug: JR (Fits JR and so on)
servo arms &screws
It’s universal “S” type connector that fits most receivers, including JR, Hitec ,GWS, and so on
CE &RoHS approved

Packing:1x SG92R

This component is ideally suited to projects requiring controlled rotation.  These motors are compatible with a large range of shields like the common Arduino Motor shield. They are easy to use and can be added just about wherever you can find a 5V source.
This servo is pulse controlled. This means that supplying a pulse will move it to a particular angle. In this case 0° is a 1.5ms pulse, 90° a 2ms pulse and -90° is a 1ms pulse. This may not be set by your controller by default or give you the full range of movement as such you may wish to try up to 2.25ms and as low as 0.75ms. Be aware that if you go to far you can break the servo.