8000W Speed Controller SCR Voltage Regulator Dimming Dimmer Thermostat

Weight 0.087 kg
Dimensions 6.0 × 3.7 × 4.5 cm
Operating voltage

AC 220V

High power

8000W, resistive load limit power, long-term use should reduce the power to use, it is recommended that the room temperature resistive load is within 4000W (key parameters, please pay attention). Tin plating on the back can be increased as needed

Voltage adjustment

AC 0V-220V continuously adjustable. The step-down voltage can reach 0, and the step-up step is about 60V


high temperature and fire resistant FR4 circuit board

Connect the voltage regulator in series in the circuit, and connect the voltage regulator to the lamp and electrical appliances in series in the circuit (that is, disconnect any one of the live wire or the neutral wire from the lamp, electrical appliance, etc., and connect it to the wiring of the “product” The terminal can be used), turning the knob cap, you can adjust the light, speed, temperature, and pressure; the operation is simple and convenient.

Using high-power thyristor, BTA100-600B/800B, high efficiency!
1.6mm thick epoxy copper clad laminate, high current design, buyers can use it when they get it.
This voltage regulator is equipped with a peak voltage absorption circuit to effectively protect the high-power thyristor, and has a longer life and more durable.

The use of a new type of bidirectional high-power thyristor, the current is up to 100 amperes, it is a good solution to the overcurrent problem caused by the resistance of the electric furnace wire being too small when it is cooling; it can easily adjust the output voltage of the mains, at 0V— Continuously adjustable between 220V, zero delay and zero hysteresis. Examples of use: heat adjustment of electric furnaces and water heaters, light adjustment of lamps, small motor speed adjustment, electric soldering iron temperature adjustment, voltage adjustment of imported 110V electrical appliances (220V to 110V), etc., so as to achieve temperature adjustment, light adjustment, speed adjustment, The effect of pressure regulation. Load high power: 8000W. It can be used for large, medium and small electrical appliances. Since the power is already large, general household electrical appliances or small factories are sufficient (inductive load or capacitive load power should be reduced). Rotate the knob cap gently to adjust flexibly, without adding any components, the product is practical and convenient.