Digital Thermostat Module, XH-W1209 12V High Accuracy Digital Thermostat Module (Blue)

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Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 1.89 × 1.27 × 0.71 cm


Power Supply voltage

12 v

Operating temperature

– 50℃~ 110℃

Temperature control accuracy


Measurement input


Probe type

relay output 10A

Refresh rate

0.5 seconds

Main board power consumption

Static current ≤35MA, pull current: ≤65MA

This thermostat is controlled by ST chip, digital display, easy to view.
★ High accuracy temperature control probe, excellent temperature control performance and precision.
★ Wide temperature control range, simple setting, can be directly installed or embedded on the panel, such as industrial control equipment, easy to use.
★ The temperature control range is -50℃~110℃, control accuracy is 0.1℃.

It is widely used in machine case temperature control, poultry incubation, air conditioning system, temperature protection and other occasions.