DS1302 RTC Real Time Clock Module

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Weight 0.063 kg
Dimensions 4.4 × 2.3 cm
Feature 1

The clock operation is configurable between 24 or 12-hour operation with AM/PM indication

Feature 2

The module uses three leads: RST (Reset), DAT (I/O Data), and CLK (Serial Clock). A separate Ground (GND) and Power (VCC) are also used

Feature 3

The power consumption of the module is very low, providing years of use from a single CR2032 battery

Feature 4

Overall board measures 44mm x 23mm (1.8 inch x 0.9 inch) and requires a CR2032 battery (not included)

Feature 5

The module is compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi supporting both 3.3V and 5V operation

This module has 5 pins:

  • VCC: Module power supply – 5V
  • GND: Ground
  • CLK: Clock pin
  • DAT: Data pin
  • RST: Reset (Must be HIGH for active mode / Active High)


  • DS1302 Clock Module Real-Time Clock Module RTC for Arduino AVR ARM
  • DS1302 contains a real-time clock / calendar and 31 bytes of static RAM
  • Via a simple serial interface to communicate with the microcontroller
  • Real-time clock / calendar circuit provides seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years of information, the number of days per month and leap year automatically adjust the number of days
  • Clock operation by AM / PM indicator decided to use 24 or 12 hour format