Smallest Sim800L GPRS GSM Module Microsim Card Core Board Quad-band TTL Serial Port with PCB Antenna [Non Original]

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Weight 0.012 kg
Dimensions 2.6 × 2.4 × 0.4 cm




Peak Current


Supply voltage

3.8V – 4.2V

Power consumption

sleep mode < 2.0mA
idle mode < 7.0mA
GSM transmission (avg): 350 mA
GSM transmission (peek): 2000mA


UART (max. 2.8V) and AT commands

SIM card socket

microSIM (bottom side)

Supported frequencies

Quad Band (850 / 950 / 1800 /1900 MHz)

Antenna connector


Status signaling


Working temperature range

-40 do + 85 ° C

The pinout (bottom side – left):

  • RING (not marked on PBC, first from top, square) – LOW state while receiving a call
  • DTR – sleep mode. Default in HIGH state (module in sleep mode, serial communication disabled). After setting it in LOW the module will wake up.
  • MICP, MICN – microphone (P + / N -)
  • SPKP, SPKN – speaker (P + / N -)

Pinout (bottom side – right):

  • NET – antenna
  • VCC – supply voltage
  • RESET – reset
  • RXD – serial communication
  • TXD – serial communication
  • GND – ground

SIM800L GPRS GSM Module Micro SIM Card Core Board Quad-band TTL Serial Port

SIM800L GPRS GSM Module Micro SIM Card Core Board Quad-band TTL Serial Port breakout board is based on available for GPRS and SMS message data remote transmission. The board features compact size and low current consumption. With the power-saving technique, the current consumption is as low as 1mA in sleep mode. It communicates with the microcontroller via UART port, supports command including 3GPP TS 27.007, 27.005 and SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands. The serial port is a TTL serial port, which can be directly linked with the MCU. Module power-on automatically starts, automatically finds the network On-board signal indicator (slow signal flashing, no signal flashing)