86 stepper motor driver DM860 DSP digital DM860H driver board

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9.5 cm
Supply Voltage

DC24-80V or AC 18-50V

Drive current


Subdivision precision

2-200 Subdivision options

Signal input

Opto-isolated signal input

Motor noise

Motor noise optimization function

Drive function

Can drive any 2.0A below current 2-phase or 4-phase hybrid stepper motor


200KHZ chop frequency


  • 1. 20V-80V DC / 18V-50V AC power supply;
  • 2. H bridge constant phase bipolar flow drive;
  • 3. Eight kinds of output currents can be selected with current up to 7.2A.
  • 4. Fifteen subdivision modes that can be subdivided to 128 are optional.
  • 5. High-speed photoelectric isolation of input signal;
  • 6. Standard single-push interface;
  • 7. Off-line maintenance function;
  • 8. Semi-closed chassis can adapt to harsher environment.
  • 9. Provides energy-saving semi-automatic current lock function;
  • 10. Built-in temperature protection and overcurrent protection.
  • 11.550G

This driver is a DM860 digital DSP stepper motor driver, subdivision increased to 128 subdivision, suitable for high subdivision purposes. Suitable for stepper motors: Type 57, 86, 4 phase 2 phase (4 cables, 6 cables, 8 cables)

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